DJI Statement On Military Use Of Drones


[Updated in April, 2022]

More than 15 years ago, DJI was founded to explore the astonishing new possibilities of drone technology. From our first attempts at building tiny helicopters to our latest cutting-edge drones for professionals, we have been driven not just by the technical challenge of robotic innovation, but by how this new technology can help people. And with every improvement and advance, our drones have helped make the world better. Our products have enabled new ways to see our world, a new storytelling language for creators, new business and job opportunities, new techniques for growing food and protecting our environment, and new capabilities for responding to emergencies. Our drones have preserved endangered species, saved global landmarks from destruction, and saved lives all over the world.

With that in mind, we want to reiterate a position we have long held: our products are made to improve people’s lives and benefit the world, and we absolutely deplore any use of our products to cause harm. DJI has only ever made products for civilian use; they are not designed for military applications. Specifically:

  • DJI does not market or sell our products for military use.
  • DJI does not provide after-sales services for products that have been identified as being used for military purposes.
  • DJI has unequivocally opposed attempts to attach weapons to our products.
  • DJI has refused to customize or enable modifications that would enable our products for military use.


DJI believes strongly in these principles. Our distributors, resellers, and other business partners have committed to following it when they sell and use our products. They agree not to sell DJI products to customers who clearly plan to use them for military purposes, or help modify our products for military use, and they understand we will terminate our business relationship with them if they cannot adhere to this commitment.

DJI is dedicated to creating products that benefit society. We take great pride that our drones have rescued people who were lost and near death, enabled scientists to protect our environment, enabled enterprises to improve workflows and reduce risk in challenging times, and created enjoyment for millions of people around the world. We will never accept any use of our products to cause harm, and we will continue striving to improve the world with our work.