A new firmware update is now available for Ronin


A new firmware update is now available for Ronin. Please visit https://www.dji.com/no/product/ronin/info#downloads to download and update your Ronin.

Major Updates:

Upgraded the IMU firmware to v3.0, the GCU firmware to v1.0, the PC/MAC Assistant to v1.8, and the User Manual to v1.6.

  •  Added support for the Ronin Thumb Controller, which can be used to remotely control the Ronin’s motions.
  •  Added options in the PC/MAC Assistant: Enable Silent Mode, Roll Remote Control Off, and roll axis settings for SmoothTrack. Refer to the User Manual or the descriptions in the PC/MAC Assistant for more details.
  •  Optimized the Auto Tune Stability function to improve the accuracy of the configured stiffness settings.
  •  Optimized the Calibrate System function to calibrate the gimbal faster and more accurately.
  •  Changed the way the user enters Briefcase Mode: rotate the handle bar 90 degrees so that it is perpendicular to the ground.
  • Added to the ability to reset the password of the Bluetooth connection using the remote control: turn on the remote control and the Ronin, then quickly move both control sticks to the inner bottom corners within the first 8 seconds of powering on the Ronin.  
  •  Improved protection for the motors.
  •  Fixed issue of the Ronin functioning abnormally when its roll axis is manually rotated beyond 90 degrees.
  • Improved motion control and smoothing when the Ronin resets its position if bumped or rotated.
  •  Reduced gyro noise.


  •  Be sure to click Default after the firmware upgrade, otherwise the Ronin may not function properly. 
  •  Be sure to restart and then calibrate your Ronin after the firmware upgrade to prevent it from drifting. Click Calibrate System to begin the calibration, and restart the Ronin again after the calibration is complete. (During the calibration, it is normal for the motors to power off, and you must not touch the Ronin.)
  • It is normal for your Ronin to shake momentarily when the Auto Tune Stability function is configuring the stiffness settings.
  • The motors will exhibit more stiffness for the same stiffness values after the firmware update. Adjust the stiffness values if necessary. It is recommended that you increase the tilt axis stiffness value if the Auto Tune Stability function configures a value below 30.
  • The zero value of the SmoothTrack deadband has be adjusted so that it now represents absolute zero, improving the control accuracy of the Ronin when handheld stationary. With the new scale, it is highly recommended to set the SmoothTrack deadband of each axis to 5 or above during any kind of movement to achieve the optimal performance.
  •  It is highly recommended that you adjust the stiffness settings by hand if you are in Silent Mode.