Open Source Software on LC1860 platform

PackageVersionLicenseDeviceWebsiteSource Code
busybox1.25.1GPL v2Mavic, Mavic 2, Spark, Goggleshttps://busybox.netdownload
mmc-utils0.1GPL v2Mavic, Mavic 2, Spark, Goggles

Open Source Software on RockChip Platform

PackageVersionLicenseDeviceWebsiteSource Code
u-bootnoGPL v2CrystalSky
Linux3.10GPL v2CrystalSky

Open Source Software on Ambarella platform

PackageVersionLicenseDeviceWebsiteSource Code
busybox1.23.2GPL v2Mavic, Mavic Mini, Mini SE, Phantom 3, Phantom 4https://busybox.netdownload
Linux3.10GPL V2Mavic, Mavic Mini, Mini SE, Phantom 3, Phantom 4

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