Add a new dimension to your creative process with new Osmo tools and accessory kits. Combined, these create one of the smallest and most powerful mobile filmmaking systems on the planet.

Indie Filmmaker

Give your indie film the production values of a big budget blockbuster with a powerful stabilized camera and a host of pro level features. This Indie Filmmaker kit comes complete with either the Zenmuse X5 or X5R camera for image quality you can rely on, an Osmo adaptor to mount it onto the Osmo handgrip for easy movement, an external battery that gives it a longer shooting life and it is DJI Focus compatible to give you total control of your shot.


Arrive at the scene with this compact kit and capture the action like no one else. The News Reporter Kit includes the Manfrotto Lumie Art LED Light for low light environments, and a RODE VideoMicro microphone for crisp audio. If the mic is mounted to the Quick Release 360° Mic Mount, it goes from recording the action to recording you in seconds. The Extension Rod and Universal Mount add a stable base for Osmo placement and a variety of additional angles.


Add a new level of smoothness to your Osmo film making with the Z-axis. It takes out the vertical movements of natural walking to make shooting smooth video as simple as walking with your subject.


The Performance Kit lets you mount the Osmo to the Extension Rod and set it down then control it remotely using the DJI GO app. Capture a trick, record an establishing shot and much more without moving the camera. Add the external Manfrotto Lumie Art LED Light to shoot in low light or add dramatic lighting. For motion shots with fast shutter speeds, add the Flash and mount it on the Rotatable Cold Shoe to adjust for the perfect angle.


The Drive Kit’s Vehicle Mount has powerful suction cups on its base to securely attach the Osmo to smooth surfaces. Attach it to the roof of your car and capture life on the road or on a door for a dramatic view of you as you drive. Add the Extension Rod for extra reach and new angles.


Capture the perfect group photo every time with the Observation Kit. Mount the Osmo to the Extension Rod and Tripod and you’re ready to shoot. Set up your shot, get ready with the group and when the timing is right just tap the shutter button in the DJI GO app.


A bustling city street captured in a long exposure creates captivating streaks of light. Using the Observation Kit you can set up your shot, adjust your exposure time, wait for the right moment, and tap the shutter. All from inside the DJI GO app.