Software Settings Questions

Please confirm if your waypoint function has been activated. You can enter new Serial number you already paid for into assistant software to activate new waypoint functions.Please reach local DJI authorized dealers for enquiries about purchasing waypoint related functions.
Please check if:1.Datalink is powered.2.USB driver for datalink in CD is installed.3.Select the correct Com Port in GCS. 4.Keep the distance between air-side datalink and ground-side datalink more than 2 meters.
Yes, it supports 64bit Window 7 OS, doesn’t support Android and Mac OS so far. Please keep your eyes on annoucement or news in DJI formal website.
Yes, however, only one computer can work with datalink at the meantime.
Please make sure the latest Googgle Earth Plugin installed correctly, you can try to open google map alone to find out if it works well, otherwise, the plugin has to be reinstalled. Additionally internet must be hooked up at your first usage of GCS. Please update google plugin as well as GCS if you update.
  1. Some of the users who use WINDOWS 7 operating system may not have the usbser.sys file, please download this file and put it into C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers, and then reinstall the driver.
  2. Download the usbser.sys file.

If you fail to adjust the gain value in the Assistant software, please check the follow items to solve the problem: 1. Make sure the MC has connected and communicated with the Assistant software successfully.
2. Make sure the Receiver has connected to the MC successfully.
3. Make sure you have selected the correct Receiver type in the Assistant software, and then you can try to adjust the gain value again.


The waypoint mission will be continued, if the aircraft operates fully-autonomous mission, regardless of Tx signal and datalink signal. Datalink Signal lost will cause Go Home function if aircraft is in the situation of waiting for next mission.
GCS provides lots of useful features at different level to meet the needs of customer.Different permissions make the features different, you can reach DJI local dealers or DJI headquarter for details.
No. It will turn into offline mode automatically when there’s no internet. You need to load the map of your flight area with internet first. The map details will be saved in your PC automatically and can be used in offline mode when there’s no internet outdoor.