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Perfect for beginners or experienced drone operators, the Phantom 3 SE features the reliability, intuitive controls, excellent image quality, and powerful flight performance that make DJI’s Phantom series so iconic. With its 4K camera, 4 km control range, vision positioning system, and 25-minute flight time, users can experience the thrill of flying with incredible ease.

4K Camera

The Phantom 3 SE’s camera shoots 4K 30 fps video and 12 MP photos, delivering impressively clear and detailed images. Its custom-engineered lens features a 94° field of view, which is well-suited for aerial imaging and ensures your work always comes to life.

Upgraded Control Range

This Phantom’s newly enhanced Wi-Fi video transmission system allows you to fly farther while maintaining a crystal clear live camera view. The Phantom 3 SE offers reliable control and image transmission from up to 4 km away, so all you have to focus on is getting the best shots possible.*

*Maximum control range may vary depending on your environment and local regulations.

Easy to Use

Expertly designed hardware combined with the DJI GO app makes aerial photography just as easy as shooting with a smartphone. Intelligent Flight Modes like Course Lock and Point of Interest help you fly and shoot like a pro, and industry-leading flight control technologies mean you can always fly with your mind at ease.

Vision Positioning

Equipped with a vision positioning system, the Phantom 3 SE hovers precisely and flies steadily, even without GPS signal. Ultrasonic and vision sensors measure the altitude and speed of the aircraft, providing users the information they need to fly safely.*

*Vision positioning only functions when flying at or below three meters above adequately lit and clearly patterned surfaces.

25-Minute Flight Time

The Phantom 3 SE offers up to 25 minutes of flight with an advanced battery management system thatoffers intelligent charging and discharging protection to ensure longevity.*

*Maximum flight time is based on flying in ideal conditions and may vary depending on your environment.

  • Powerful Propulsion

    The Phantom 3 SE flies at up to 35 mph (57 kph), delivering the excitement of fast flight even in strong winds.

  • Return to Home

    When taking off with sufficient GPS signal, the Phantom 3 SE automatically records a home point and returns to that point when it loses connection with the remote controller or the battery level is too low, making your flights dependably safe.

  • Stable Hovering

    With or without GPS signal, the Phantom 3 SE hovers precisely in place and waits for your next command. This gives you ample time to plan, adjust your camera, and capture shots that match your creative vision.

  • High-Quality Images

    The Phantom 3 SE records detailed and vibrant 4K 30 fps video. It also shoots 12 MP JPEG or DNG stills, providing flexibility during post processing.

  • Professional Stabilization

    The camera’s 3-axis gimbal effectively reduces shake and rolling shutter effect, making its footage smooth and stable. The gimbal’s motors counteract unwanted camera movement in real-time, keeping the camera level and steady to shoot cinematic footage.

  • Capture the World

    The Phantom 3 SE’s custom-engineered 94° FOV fixed-focus lens dramatically lowers distortion. Shoot amazing wide-angle photos with vivid colors and capture the world in all its beauty.

  • HD Video Transmission

    With a mobile device mounted to the remote controller, users can monitor their real-time HD live feed while adjusting camera and aircraft settings. An advanced Wi-Fi range extender is built into the controller, so video transmission and connection remain reliable within a 4 km range.**Maximum control range may vary depending on your environment and local regulations.

  • Responsive Control

    Ergonomic control sticks let you fly with extraordinary accuracy. You can also use the gimbal dial to adjust the tilt of the camera.

  • DJI GO

    Record footage, adjust settings, and check critical data midflight with the DJI GO app. The app’s built-in editor helps you to manage and process footage with multiple filters and automatic editing features. Just tap your screen to create amazing videos!

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  • 4K Video
  • 25-min Flight Time
  • Accurate Indoor Hovering
  • 2.5 mi (4 km) Transmission -Distance


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