Phantom 3 Standard
Phantom 3 Standard

DJI GO app

Capture and share beautiful content by using the DJI GO app with most DJI products, including the Phantom 3 series, Inspire series and Osmo.
Built for universal compatibility and upgraded usability, simply connect your device, launch the app, and go.

Phantom 3 Standard

Live HD View

Watch a live HD video feed direct from the camera right on your screen. Adjust camera settings and use this real-time view to line up the perfect shot.

Phantom 3 Standard


DJI GO gives you complete control of your camera and a live HD video feed right on your screen.
Adjust camera settings and use this real-time view to line up the perfect shot.

Phantom 3 Standard

Single tap Auto-Takeoff & Landing

Single tap Auto-Return Home

Full flight telemetry

Advanced settings

Switch between photo and video mode

Take photos and start or stop recording videos

Access full manual camera controls

Phantom 3 Standard


Stream your flight live to YouTube as you fly and share your excitement with family and friends around the world.

Instant Video Downloading

The live video stream from your camera is automatically saved on your mobile device for easy preview and editing later. Use this video as a reference, and download the full quality videos and photos with a few taps.

Phantom 3 Standard

Easy Video Editor

Create professional-looking movies in minutes using the DJI Director video editor. With a wide variety of pre-designed templates, it’s easy to pick one that suits you best and make a new video to share.

Phantom 3 Standard

Comprehensive Media Library

All of your photos and videos that were shot using a DJI product and the GO app are stored in one place,
making it easy to browse, share, and send your footage anywhere you like.

Phantom 3 Standard

Sharing and Connecting Creativity

Share your best work on SkyPixel, a dedicated platform for aerial photographers and filmmakers from around the world. The GO app also connects to your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts for quick posting.

Phantom 3 Standard

Live Map and Radar

See yourself or your flight platform on a live map, and log exactly where you are filming. 

Phantom 3 Standard

Detailed Records and Achievements

Every moment is an experience to remember. DJI GO records data on each of your shoots and flights, ready for your review later.

Phantom 3 Standard

Total Flight Time

Phantom 3 Standard

Total Distance

Phantom 3 Standard

Total Flights

Phantom 3 Standard

Manage Your DJI Account

Access all of your DJI information in one place. Participate in the DJI Forum, earn DJI Credit for future purchases, and review your preferences directly in the GO app.

Phantom 3 Standard


Practice flying and perfect your skills anywhere. The included flight simulator gives you the lifelike experience of flying your Phantom 3 in a safe, controlled virtual environment.

Phantom 3 Standard







Intelligent Flight Modes

Create professional aerials effortlessly with advanced Intelligent Flight Modes . Capture shots that would once have required practice and training with just a few taps of your finger.

Phantom 3 Standard

Course Lock

Phantom 3 Standard

Home Lock

Phantom 3 Standard

Point of Interest

Phantom 3 Standard

Follow Me

Phantom 3 Standard


Learn more about DJI Intelligent Flight Modes

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