Create with Greater Peace of Mind

Exclusive Service for High-End DJI Imaging Equipment

Enjoy comprehensive services, including technical assistance as well as repair and maintenance by DJI technical experts. This gives you greater peace of mind so you can spend more time focused on creating.

Free Repairs

Factory Maintenance

Service Extension Rewards

Unlimited Number of Free Repairs

An unlimited number of free repairs are provided within the coverage limit for water damage, drop damage, improper use, and other accidents. In the meantime, enjoy free battery replacement.[1]

Comprehensive Service from Professionals

Exclusive Service

DJI Care has exclusive technical service channels to provide support, including online chat and call support. (for select products)

Factory Maintenance

One Factory Maintenance service per year, which includes part testing, firmware updates, and fragile-part replacement along with an official maintenance report.

Expect More

International Warranty Service

Get access to services at any DJI Authorized Repair Center around the world for eligible products.[4] (for select products)

Service Extension Rewards

When DJI Care Pro expires, your remaining coverage limit can be turned into a discount for purchasing DJI Care Pro + or a warranty extension.

Service Process

DJI Care Pro provides exclusive maintenance and repair channel and free two-way shipping.

Submit a Request

Four simple steps for repair and maintenance

Send Your Product

DJI Support will contact you via email

Repair or Maintenance

Provide quotation to clarify remaining coverage limit

Receive Product

Free two-way shipping for faster repair and maintenance

Extend Service

DJI Care Pro +

DJI Care Pro + provides an additional two years of service within the coverage limit and a 2-year warranty extension. It features all of the same benefits as DJI Care Pro.

Coming soon

1. The coverage limit amount, coverage range, and replacement parts are subject to the product model. Please refer to the Terms of Service.

2. Purchase price is subject to the product model. Please refer to the Terms of Service. Replacement products purchased at a discounted price are brand new or equivalent to brand-new products in performance and reliability.