Osmo Shield

Get more peace of mind when you use your Osmo

The Osmo Shield doubles the DJI Osmo warranty period and offers comprehensive coverage

DJI Warranty Service
Year 1
Year 2
Accidental Coverage
Year 1
Year 2
Without Osmo Shield

Long-Lasting Protection

Extend your Osmo warranty period by one year.

Comprehensive Accident Coverage

Receive two years of Accidental Hardware Damage coverage with your Osmo Shield purchase

Water Damage Coverage

Water damage is covered within the one-time only Accidental Hardware Damage Coverage.

Complete Repair Support

Professional repairs and one-time accidental hardware damage are covered by the official repair solution.

Osmo Shield
Quality Guarantee
Accidental Damage*
Water Damage*
Free Shipping
3rd Party Warranties

* Accidental hardware damage and water damage are only available on a one-time only basis during the two years.

Osmo Shield Now Available

The Osmo Shield extends the Osmo warranty period by one year, offering greater peace of mind.

*DJI has a relationship with an insurance company that covers the cost of these programs.


If the lens is not functioning properly or image abnormalities occur, repairs are covered by the Osmo Shield.


Any gimbal damage resulting from user errors is covered by the one-time Accidental Hardware Damage Coverage.

Gimbal Buttons

If buttons stop working, repairs are covered by the Osmo Shield.


If any issues are found with the Osmo Handle, repairs are covered by the Osmo Shield.

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