Racing Propulsion System



Max Thrust1.32kg /rotor (16.8V, Sea Level)
Recommended Battery4S LiPo
Recommended Takeoff Weight125– 250g/rotor (Sea Level)
Operating Environment-10 to 50℃


Max Allowable Voltage17.4V
Max Allowable Current (Continuous)30A
Max Peak Current(3 sec)45A
Supported Throttle Signal ModesRegular/OneShot125
Max OneShot125 Signal Frequency1kHz
Max PWM Signal Frequency500Hz
Default PWM Output Signal Frequency16kHz
Weight (Without Cables)2.8g
Supported Battery3S – 4S LiPo


Stator Size23×5mm
Weight (Without Cables)27.8g

Propellers( Diameter×Thread Pitch/Weight )

5048S propellers5×4.8inch (12.70×12.19cm)/ 5.50g
5024S propellers5×2.4inch (12.70×6.1cm) /3.45g
6030S propellers6×3.0inch (15.24×7.62cm)/3.20g
6048-3D propellers6×4.8inch (15.24×12.19cm)/ 4.10g
5048 propellers5×4.8inch (12.70×12.19cm) /5.68g
7027S propellers7×2.7inch (17.78×6.86cm) /4.32g
DJI Racing Series Product Intro Snail/Takyon
DJI Racing Series Product Intro Snail/Takyon

Documents & Manuals

  • DJI_Snail_Racing_Propulsion_System User Manual v1.0
  • SNAIL 2305 Racing Motor User Guide
  • SNAIL 6048-3D Propeller and 5048 Tri-blade propeller User Guide
  • SNAIL ESC Programmer User Guide
  • SNAIL Propeller Adapter User Guide
  • SNAIL Quick-Released Propeller Adapter User Guide
  • SNAIL Quick-Released Propellers User Guide
  • SNAIL 430-R Racing ESC User Guide


  • DJI Assistant 2
When using same motor and ESC, the system is suitable for racing drones or small aerial imaging drones. Different flight experiences can be achieved using different Snail propellers.
The 5048S Tri-Blade propeller is suitable for medium to high-level drone racing. It has been extensively optimized for forward flight and in addition to larger thrust, it creates less drag and uses less power when flying forwards. These propellers can be replaced in seconds without tools, saving vital time in a competition and are best used with 4S batteries.
The 5048 Tri-Blade propeller is the same design and spec of the 5048S but a uses a standard hub that fits a range of motors.
The 5024S propeller is suitable for medium to high-level drone racing. It provides a smoother control experience and extended flight time. It is best used with 4S batteries
The 6030S propeller is suitable for entry-level drone racing, and significantly extends flight times. A 3S battery is recommended.
The 7027 propeller is suitable for compact aerial imaging and is efficient yet responsive. A 3S battery is recommended.
The 6048-3D propeller is suitable for 3D flight. A 3S battery is recommended.
Set your flight controller to Oneshot125 mode and then restart the ESC. It will automatically detect the signal mode. The ESC will not switch its signal mode while powered on.
Use the Snail ESC Programmer (available separately) and connect the ESC to your computer. Use DJI Assistant 2 (available from to set your ESC to 3D flight mode.
No, 4S LiPo battery induce a relatively high operating current. With 6030S, 7027S and 6048-3D propellers, the motor will overload, causing irreversible damages.
The Snail Propulsion System been through extensive simulations and tests to enhance the strength of the Snail 2305 motor. Its Quick-Release propeller and hub structure have also been fully tested for strength. A range of protection systems are in place on the ESC, making the Snail Propulsion System lightweight but strong.