This Is Osmo Action

Jump, dive, or fly into your next adventure with this versatile action camera.

Can Your Action Camera Do All This?

With dual screens, RockSteady stabilization, and 4K HDR video, Osmo Action unleashes your other side.

Two Screens, Endless Possibilities

Vloggers, extreme sports enthusiasts, and filmmakers can always stay in-frame with Osmo Action’s built-in front screen.

Bastien Balmet
“DJI changed the game with Osmo Action’s front screen. This clever feature is perfect for taking selfies, group photos, and keeping yourself in the frame while filming. Thanks to the ingenious front screen, I was able to capture all my shots with ease.”
Jack Pan
Diving Enthusiast
“I have always been interested in taking action cameras with me when diving. Previously, I had to wait after the dive to review my footage. The front screen cleverly solves this issue, allowing you to control your composition and get the perfect shot straight away.”

RockSteady Stabilization

From the everyday to the extreme, RockSteady helps you capture every moment in smooth detail.

Bruno Sisti
Commercial Photographer
“RockSteady has transformed my action videos. I was easily able to achieve smooth footage when I mounted Osmo Action on my helmet, motorbike, and harness. This is a powerful action camera that captures high-quality video in any environment.“
Jenny Po
Technology Enthusiast
“I wanted an action camera to take with me on the beach. RockSteady stabilization delivers impressively smooth footage, letting you capture the intensity of any moment.”

Extreme Durability

Osmo Action has a durable design that is temperature resistant down to -10°C and waterproof at depths up to 11 meters.

Martin Lin
Surfing Instructor
“I surf for more than five hours a day, and I was looking for an action camera that could produce breathtaking footage even in challenging environments. Osmo Action is waterproof without an external case and incredibly durable, making it the perfect filmmaking tool for surfing.”

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Osmo Action

Unleash Your Other Side

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