Size and Weight


Basic Performance

Swash Support
Three Servo 120°/140°/90°
Four Servo 90°
Recommended Transmitter
PCM or 2.4GHz minimum 7 channels and Failsafe function available on all channels
Operating Temperature
-5°C to 60°C
Cyclic Servos
50 Hz
Tail Servo Frequency Response
760us – 333Hz ,560Hz
1520us – 125Hz,165Hz,165Hz,270Hz,333Hz
Assistant Software System Requirement
Windows XP sp3 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Flight Performance

* Hovering Accuracy(GPS Mode)
Vertical : ± 0.5m
Horizontal : ± 1m
Suitable Wind Condition
< 8m/s (17.9mph/28.8km/h)
Forward / Backward Speed
± 72 Km/h (44.74mph)
Left / Right Speed
± 56.7 Km/h (35.77mph)


Total Weight 140 grams
IMU 41mm X 31mm X 28mm
Controller 51mm X 35mm X 15mm
LED Module 25mm X 25mm X 7mm
* GPS Diameter 50mm
Built In Functions
FBL Or Flybarred
Tail Gyro
Fail-safe Hover
Engine Governor For Nitro/gasser

Notice: Parameters with * are belong to Wookong-H parameters