Z15 is composed of Z15-N and Z15-G. Z15-N supports Sony Nex 5/5R/7 and Z15-G supports Panasonic GH2. Meanwhile, only fix-lens cameras are available for Z15.
Z15 can’t support Canon 5D at this stage, DJI will continue to launch other models of Zenmuse gimbals. Please refer DJI formal website for details.
Before shipping, customers will be asked to confirm camera type and lens. DJI will calibrate the gimbal well with camera and lens appointed, then arrange the shipment. What customer need do is installing camera and lens appointed. Please reach local DJI authorized Zenmuse dealers or DJI headquarter for calibrations.
You can’t, each gimbal has been calibrated with the exact type of camera and lens. Pleaes call local DJI Zenmuse authorized dealers or DJI headquarter.
No, it must work together with DJI Ace One or DJI WooKong-M autopilot systems.
Totally it’s around 1.6KG, Z15-N gimbal plus Sony Nex 5
The Z15-G supports remote control of photos and videos and the Z15-N can support remote control of photos and videos after upgrade to the new V2 HDMI board.
New Z15 HDMI board should be changed, anyway, the new and old versions of HDMI board look similar.
Latest firmware should be upgraded and new HDMI board marked as V2 should be changed for Z15. (Chargable)
Adapter named as SAO is required for Z15
Use iOSD adapter named as SAO and have it solved.
We have after sales service centers in Europe, North America and Japan, please contact them for support.

Please confirm that:
a). the video downlink wires are well connected;
b). the video downlink equipments’ power is enough and within its working range;
c). the TX module is not blocked;
d). the HDMI wire at the bottom of the gimbal is well connected;
e). there is no video downlink in the same frequency or other interference around;

Screen flicker problem may be caused by camera settings, please set the camera according to the user manual and use recommended aperture and shutter settings.
Jello is caused by vibration, we recommend use of the vibration absorber kit.

No, we do not recommend you use 1080p mode, because the HDMI-AV module can’t work normally, which may cause the video downlink to break down.
  1. Some of the users who use WINDOWS 7 operating system may not have the usbser.sys file, please download this file and put it into C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers, and then reinstall the driver.
  2. Download the usbser.sys file.