N3-AG 2.0 / A3-AG 2.0


A3-AG 2.0Flight Controller:66 g
GPS-Compass Pro:60 g
LED:15 g
PMU:45 g
N3-AG 2.0Flight Controller:46 g
GNSS-Compass:37 g
LED:13 g
PMU:36 g

Electrical & Mechanical

Rated PowerA3-AG 2.0: 5W
N3-AG 2.0: 3.3W
Rated Peak PowerA3-AG 2.0: 8W
N3-AG 2.0: 4.8W
Input Voltage Range10.5 – 52 V
Static ElectricityAD: ±8 kV
CD: ±4 kV
Operating Temperature14° to 113° F (-10° to 45° C)


Supported Airframes4-rotor: I4, X4
6-rotor: I6, V6, Y6, IY6
8-rotor: X8, I8, V8, IX8
Supported ESC output400 Hz refresh frequency
Supported ReceiversDJI Datalink 3
Recommended Batteries3S-12S LiPo battery
Required Operating System for DJI Assistant 2Windows 7 or later
Mac OS X 10.11 or later
Expansion PortsF1-F4 ports for output
F5-F8 ports for I/O (supported later)


A3-AG 2.0Flight Controller:64 mm×42 mm×19.5 mm
GPS-Compass Pro:61 mm (diameter) ×13 mm
LED:27 mm×27 mm×8 mm
PMU:51 mm×34 mm×13.5 mm
N3-AG 2.0Flight Controller:58 mm×39 mm×17 mm
GNSS-Compass:50 mm (diameter)×12.2 mm
LED:25 mm×25 mm×6.3 mm
PMU:40 mm×28.5 mm×11.2 mm

Built-in Functions

Flight ModesA-mode (Attitude)
P-mode (Positioning)
Operation ModesRoute
A-B Route
Manual Plus
Return to Home (RTH)Failsafe RTH
Smart RTH
Low voltage RTH
Safety FeaturesFailsafe mode
Low battery voltage warning
Custom flight altitude and radius limits
No Fly Zones
Motor redundancy (for 6 and 8 rotor platforms)
Motor overload detection
Supported DJI EquipmentDJI aerial platforms (e.g. S900, S1000, S1000+)
DJI iOSD Mark II, DJI iOSD mini

Positioning Performance

Positioning PerformanceVertical: 0.5 m; Horizontal: 1.5 m
D-RTK GNSSVertical: 0.02 m + 1 ppm; Horizontal: 0.01 m + 1 ppm

Agriculture Management Unit II (AMU II)


Dimensions133.4 mm × 99.4 mm × 22 mm
Input Voltage12S (50 V)
Input Current5A
Operating Temperaturecontrollable Range: -135° to +135°
Stabilization System: Single axis (pitch)

Radar Module


Stabilization Working Range1.5 -10m (varies when flying above different kinds of vegetation)
Detection Accuracy< 10 cm

High-Precision Obstacle Avoidance Radar


GimbalControllable Range: -135° to +135°
Stabilization System: Single axis (pitch)
Sensing Range1.5 - 30 m
FOVHorizontal: 50°; Vertical: 10°
Measuring Frequency170 Hz
Power Consumption5 W
Operating Frequency24.050 GHz to 24.250 GHz
Operating EnvironmentOperating Environment
Operating ConditionsFlying higher than 0.8 m over the obstacle
Speed Range for Obstacle SensingSlower than 5 m/s at altitudes lower than 2 m
Slower than 7 m/s at altitudes higher than 2 m
Stable Hover DistanceApprox. 6 m away from obstacles in front
Obstacle Sensing DirectionForward or backward according to the flying direction

Delivery Pump


Operating VoltageOperating Voltage
Operating Current0 - 2 A
Maximum Power30 W
Maximum Pressure0.4 MPa
Dimensions79 mm×65 mm×64 mm
Liquid OutletInner Diameter: 4.2mm
Port thread: G1/8


  • A3-AG / N3-AG Agriculture Kit 2.0 User Manual v1.2


  • DJI Assistant 2 For MG