DJI Just Brought The Home Movie Back To Life


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There’s nothing quite like the simple magic of watching family home movies back. Remember that crazy feeling of playing back the clock on memories, with your family all sprawled on the couch, watching those memories come flooding back? And yet, it seems these days, shaky smartphone footage is all we've got to remember the nostalgia of bygone years and the memories still to come.

Or is it? With the recent launch of the DJI Osmo, we're seeing a return to the glory days of sharing the moments of life with the family all around once again! Here’s 4 ways that the DJI Osmo is bringing life's best memories back into your living room.

Those First Steps

Can you remember how it felt to be there with your first born as they first took the big wide leaps to walking? How each leg movement had a life of its own and took you with it at every pace? With Osmo, you can make sure that every step is captured smoothly and surely, without a single shaky frame.

The Sports Game

Catch! Go! Run! No matter the sport, the exhilaration of seeing the winning goal, tracking the furthest distance or chasing the fastest lap over and over again, all in 4K, means seeing every moment of glorious, fast-paced and intense action exactly as it was meant to be seen; steady, crisp and clear as day.

Seeing The Wide World

Over-sized backpack? Check. Inadequate phrasebook app? Double check. For your jungle trek, European city adventure or South American road trip, there’s no better travel companion than the Osmo. Imagine capturing the gushing glory of a waterfall with a 4K hyper lapse, rushing through busy Parisian streets, tripod-free, or even filming Mongolia on horseback, as if gliding on air. Let’s go!

The Wedding

The stuff of love stories across the world and throughout the ages. What home movie collection would be complete without capturing your loved ones' big day? The lights, the smiles, the cake! What better way to capture the perfect day than a professional panorama with the new in-laws? Simply grab your Osmo and get to work making sure this day will be remembered forever! Just the way it was lived.

We laugh. We cry. We squirm. But each wince, each tear and each creased side means a moment that was happily shared with the people who've always been there with you. The DJI Osmo wasn't just created to bring professional quality imagery to the world, it was created to bring memories back home where they belong.

Bring memories back home again with the DJI Osmo: