E1200 Standard

E1200 Standard


The E1200 is a fine-tuned propulsion system for multirotors weighing 15-33 pounds (7-15kg). This kit allows you to upgrade or build the flight system of your choice. With enhanced efficiency, safety, and reliability under extreme conditions, the E1200 unlocks greater possibilities for professional aerial photographers and enthusiasts.

The Standard version includes 4216 motors, 40A smart ESCs, and 17-inch ultra-carbon folding propellers. Unlike the highly integrated Pro version, the Standard version’s components are separated, allowing you to work with a much wider range of frames.

E1200 Standard


Max Thrust3900 g/rotor (25 V,Sea Level)
Takeoff Weight Recommended1200 ~ 1400 g/rotor (Sea Level)
Takeoff Weight Max1700 g/rotor (Sea Level)
Battery Recommended6S LiPo
Working Temperature-10°C ~ 60°C


Stator Size42×16 mm
KV310 rpm/V
Weight205 g


Max Allowable Voltage26 V
Max Allowable Current (Persistent)40 A
PWM Input Signal Level 3.3 V / 5 V Compatible
Signal Frequency30 Hz ~ 450 Hz
Battery 6S LiPo
Weight (with Cable)72 g
Weight (without Cable)35 g


Diameter / Thread Pitch17×6 inch

Documents & Manuals

  • DJI E1200 Standard Tuned Propulsion System User Manual v1.2

Software & Drivers

  • DJI ESC Assistant v1.4 (Stop distributing and updating)
  • DJI ESC Assistant v1.4 (Stop distributing and updating)
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