Modular CF Arm for Maximum Strength

An entirely new feature, the E7000 includes a specifically-designed armor module to ensure maximum aircraft performance.

This arm is composed of a 40mm diameter carbon fiber tube that is built for strength, simplicity, and easy installation. With an updated fabrication method, each tube features continuous braided carbon (CBC) technology and layering process to produce a propeller arm of increased durability and anti-fatigue properties for any flight application.

  • M12


  • 12100


  • R3390


Reliable for All Working Conditions

The E7000 is made to provide dependable service for industry and agriculture, so it was built to provide worry-free operation in such conditions. A weatherproof sealant covers the bearing system, ESCs,and stator of the motor, while an additional coating protects the ESCcircuit board from rain, pesticides, and dust, preventing corrosion. This multi-layered seal allows thorough washing of the system without risking damage.

Built-in Cooling System for Continuous Use

The E7000 uses a built-in cooling system to maintain total system stability. The M12 motor features a centrifugal system that uses a circle of cooling fins, while the 12100 ESC can withstand continuous currents as high as 100A. These allow the motor and ESC to maintain a surface temperature of 52.7°F (11.5°C) and 52.16°F (11.2°C)*, even when the E7000 carries a payload of 7 kg and continuously operates for one hour. The cooling system allows the E7000 to handle conditions of exceeding heat and sustained use.

*Tested in a properly-ventilated room measured at 73.4°F (23°C).

Efficient Propulsion, Precise Control

The E7000 propeller is made of Ultra Carbon Pro, an advanced composite material created for maximum strength and stiffness. It also uses a specially-designed geometric structure and combining motor electro-magnetic design to provide outstanding aerodynamic efficiency, faster response and longer flight.

The M12 motor uses a field-oriented control (FOC) algorithm that allows the E7000 to generate a max thrust of 17 kg at sea level with just 44.4V of input. The motor’s closed-loop control makes the entire propulsion system more responsive and efficient than traditional BLDC ESCs, allowing users to control large aircraft with more precise and responsive dynamic control.

  • 6~8 KG/AXIS

    Takeoff Weight

  • 17 KG/AXIS

    Max Thrust

Comprehensive & Intelligent Protection

The E7000 is equipped with the 12100 ESC, using multicolored LEDs for real-time indication of system status. A full suite of protection mechanisms reacts to various scenarios, whether the aircraft is in flight or on the ground. Built-in spark-proof circuitry extends the life of connectors for long-term reliability.

The 12100 ESC is also optimized for the DJI A3/N3/A3-AG/N3-AG flight controllers, communicating in real time for instant intervention whenever necessary. If the primary throttle line is interrupted, a backup system* is triggered automatically. This minimizes accidents and increases operational safety, offering all professionals peace of mind.

* DJI A3/N3/A3-AG/N3-AG is required for this operation.

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