Basic Product Details
DJI Education is a new integrated solution for artificial intelligence and innovation education from DJI Education. This platform includes:
1. A curriculum that encompasses the core elements of robotics education ––“Teaching, Learning, Practice, Exam & Evaluation”, with deep integration with DJI’s robotics products.
2. Offers extensive resources with a dual Scratch and Python programming system;
3. Includes a robot rating system and the DJI Robotics Simulator.
5. Comes in web and desktops versions.
Note: Python programming features will be made available through subsequent updates.
The DJI Robotics Simulator is a programming simulation software that simulates robotic motion and usage scenarios on a computer using a 3D physics engine, which makes program debugging easier for teachers and students.
DJI Rogram is Scratch and Python programming* platform for Robomaster Education robots. *Python programming features will be made available through subsequent updates.

Fill in thePurchase Form,or contact your local distributor for pricing information.
The redemption code for course packages is valid for 180 days, and they can be used indefinitely after activation.

Student accounts can only be enrolled in one class at a time.
There is no limit on the number of classes a teacher can create. The maximum number of students allowed in a class depends on the limit allocated by the teacher using the Innovation Space.
The web version includes teaching modules like class preparation, instruction, exams, and grading, as well as programming practice and an interface for running programs with physical robots. The desktop version includes the same functions available for the web version. It also adds the DJI Robotics Simulator, Robomaster Youth Tournament platform, and features for Robomaster Assistant, including activation support and downloading and managing updates.
No. DJI Rogram does not support Python 3.0.
DJI Education Hub supports Scratch programming for individual RoboMaster TT and Tello EDU products, but not for Tello (standard version) or drone swarm programming.
Product Activation
1.Click on theproduct page for DJI Education Hub on the DJI Store website.
2.Select the license duration you would like to purchase and add it to your shopping cart.
3.Go to Checkout and complete payment.
4.An activation code will be sent to you via SMS or email.
Refer to the relevantHelp Documentation
1. Go to the Contact DJI Support page on the DJI official website.
2. Fill in the required details and click Submit.
3. The DJI sales team will contact you within 10 working days.
4.Refer to the relevant Help Documentation.
Course codes cannot be changed to a different account after use. Please make sure you use and bind your code to the correct desired account.
Access is restricted to the user’s individual account, not by the computer being used.
Product Usage
You can view classes you have completed but not classes you have dropped.
The full version supports the RoboMaster S1, RoboMaster EP Standard, and Robomaster EP Engineer robots.
Supported simulator modules include Basic Skills, Robomaster Youth Tournament, Fun with AI – Drive in Traffic, and Fun with AI – Disaster Rescue.
1. Enter the module selection page of DJI Robotics Simulator, and click the Settings icon on the top left corner. Click Image Quality, and select Medium or Low.
2. After entering a simulation scenario, drag your cursor over the Robot icon on the bottom left corner, and select Disable Video Transmission.
This issue is caused by your browser’s settings. Go to Settings on your browser and disable the function for automatically running files after download.
Using Chrome as an example, enter chrome://settings/downloads in the URL field, ans then click the Disable button to the right of the setting “Run files of a specific type after download”.
Currently, the DJI Rogram Editor does not support Python programs or converting Scratch code to Python and vice versa.
Configuration Standards
Notebook PC:
CPU: Intel®️ Core™️ i5 7200U (7th Gen Mobile 3.1GHz 2C/4T) and above

Graphics Card: Intel®️ HD Graphics 620 (Core graphics card)
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit or Windows 7 64-bit

Desktop PC:
CPU: Intel®️ Core™️ i3 4360 (4th Gen Desktop 3.7 GHz 2C/4T) and above

Graphics Card: Intel®️ HD Graphics 4600 (Core graphics card)
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit or Windows 7 64-bit
Using Google Chrome v.77.0. or later is recommended.
DJI Education Hub’s functionality is limited when accessed through a tablet-based browser. We recommend using DJI Education Hub desktop version on a desktop or laptop computer.