DJI Attends InterDrone To Showcase Latest Technologies & Partner Solutions

DJI will be showcasing its leading drone solutions at the International Drone Conference and Exposition (InterDrone) held at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, NV from September 5 – 7, 2018. 

InterDrone is a 3-day conference where drone pilots, service providers, UAS engineers, developers, manufacturers and various enterprise UAV end-users from all over the world, gather to discuss developments in the commercial UAV industry. 

Exhibiting at Booth 501, DJI will be joined by solution providers and partners that have become leaders in the expanding commercial drone ecosystem:

•    Skycatch– A trusted provider of all-in-one drone data solutions for enterprise users across industries.DJI recently extended its partnership with Skycatch to deliver high-precision drones that autonomously fly over job sites to create highly accurate 3D site maps and models. 

•    Go Professional Case(GPC)– A company dedicated to making the highest quality professional cases for flight equipment and POV cameras, including a range of protective cases and backpacks for DJI drones and gear. 

•    Propeller Aero– A platform that makes accurate 3D site surveys easy to generate. DJI partnered with Propeller Aero using its cloud-based software specifically designed for surveying and inspection, bringing a fully-integrated solution that enables businesses to accurately perform site measurements, volumetrics and share data seamlessly. 

•    Sentera– A leading supplier of integrated remote sensing solutions specialized for the agriculture industry. Through DJI SKYPORT, Sentera developed the AGX710, an integrated solution that combines Sentera’s multispectral imaging with DJI’s powerful M200 Series drones. This helps agriculture businesses optimize workflows and maximize yields.

•    SLANTRANGE– A specialized solution provider known for providing a powerful information tool for the agriculture industry, enabling greater control and predictability over crops and more efficient use of resources through remote sensing and in-field analytics.Through DJI SKYPORT, its leading 3PX multispectral sensor solution integrates seamlessly with DJI Matrice 200 Series drones.

•    DroneNerds– A leading DJI-authorized dealer and service center that delivers quality services to its customers. As the largest distributor of drones in the US, it provides a full line of DJI and DJI Enterprise drones, as well as cameras and sensors.

•    Magic Sky USA, Inc.,– A leading DJI Authorized Dealer in the US with expertise in providing customized drone solutions for surveying and public safety applications. 

•    Edgybees, an augmented reality technology provider that brings visibility and understanding to public safety scenarios by creating collaborative virtual worlds with Augmented Real-time Intelligence™. 

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“In less than a decade, we’ve seen a surge in developers, system integrators and drone-service providers realizing the potential drones bring to their businesses. Together, we are taking this powerful technology and making it easily applicable to a wide range of industries around the world. It’s truly a momentous time for the commercial drone industry and we’re excited to showcase this thriving ecosystem at InterDrone this year, especially in the lead up to our annual commercial drone conference, AirWorks 2018.” – Arnaud Thiercelin, Head of US R&D, DJI

 AirWorks is DJI’s annual commercial drone conference which will be held from October 30 – November 1 in Dallas, Texas. AirWorks highlights companies that are at the forefront of enterprise drone adoption and provides an opportunity for new adopters to come and learn how to build their own internal drone program. Each year, DJI showcases new technology and offers a look into its strategic initiatives for the coming year. For more information on the event and how to sign up, please visit

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