DJI Force Pro

Consumption3 W
Voltage3.85 V
Battery4750 mAh/18.21Wh
Operating Temperature-20° to 40℃ (-4° to 104℉)
Charging Temperature0° to 35℃(32° to 95℉)
Battery Life5 hours
Charging Current2A
Charging Time2.5 hours
DC IN9 V-26 V


Guaranteed software updates until2026/12/31


Introducing DJI Force Pro
Introducing DJI Force Pro


DJI Tutorials - Force Pro - Quick Overview
DJI Tutorials - Force Pro - Quick Overview
30 meters.
5 hours of battery life and 2.5 hours of charging time.
Decrease Dead Band in the Basic section of the menu.
Enter Settings by pressing the lower left button on DJI Force Pro, select Custom, and set functions for C1 and C2.
You can calibrate the compass by choosing Compass Calibration in the More section of the menu.
You can switch between Chinese and English in the More section of the menu.
If you set the C1 button with the pause function, press and hold it to pause Force Pro and release it to restore control. You can also press and hold the Sleep button for three seconds and Force Pro will enter Sleep mode and will be unable to control a gimbal. To exit Sleep mode, press and hold the button for three seconds.
Adjust the two nobs at the top of Force Pro to adjust pan axis and tilt axis speed, and adjust the nobs on the left side to adjust roll axis speed.
There are two ways to charge Force Pro. For a quick charge, use the Type-C port to connect Force Pro to a charging source at a current of 2 A. You can also connect through the DC IN port at the bottom of Force Pro.
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