Epic Underwater Diving Cameras

Go Deep, Capture More

Osmo Action 4 Diving Combo

1/1.3-inch Sensor & Waterproof Up to 18m

Explore underwater worlds confidently, as the Osmo Action 4 is waterproof up to 18m. Its 1/1.3-inch sensor ensures stunning low-light imaging, making it the ideal companion for diving expeditions.

Osmo Action 3 Diving Combo

Deep Diving And Wide-Angled

Take spectacular 4K underwater footage with true-to-life color technology, whether you're scuba diving, snorkeling, or vlogging.

Top Action Camera Accessories For Diving

Osmo Action Diving Accessory Kit

Compatibility: Osmo Action 4, Osmo Action 3

Includes the Osmo Action Waterproof Case, DJI Floating Handle, Osmo Locking Screw, and Anti-Fog Inserts for underwater creation at depths of up to 60 meters, providing a safer and more flexible underwater shooting experience.

©Zachary Moxley

DJI Floating Handle

Compatibility: Osmo Action 4, Osmo Action 3

A comfortable, non-slip grip gives you a firm hold at any angle, and an included wrist strap provides an extra layer of safety. Its bright orange color makes it easily visible and less likely to get lost, making it ideal for water sports such as surfing, kayaking, jet skiing, and more.

©Zachary Moxley

Osmo Action Waterproof Case

Compatibility: Osmo Action 4, Osmo Action 3

Provides waterproof protection at depths of up to 60 meters, giving divers more freedom to explore and capture. Uses high-strength glass for a more clear and confident viewing experience.

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