Gimbal Camera for Daily Recording 

Seize the Moment Effortlessly

Osmo Action 4 Vlogging Combo

Intuitive & Versatile

For vloggers, a user-friendly, portable camera is essential. Osmo Action 4's intuitive functions and diverse accessories enable seamless creativity, regardless of whether you're in a busy city or in isolated areas.

Top Camera Accessories For Vlogs

Osmo Pocket 3 Black Mist Filter

Compatibility: Osmo Pocket 3

The Black Mist Filter adopts a magnetic design for easy mounting. It can control highlight flares and soften skin tones, giving you a unique and captivating look.

Osmo Action 1.5m Extension Rod Kit

Compatibility: Osmo Action 4, Osmo Action 3

Compact, easy to hold, and adjustable from 0.3 to 1.5 meters, this extension rod makes selfies and other creative-angle shots effortless. The 1/4" threaded hole on the bottom supports accessory expansion for more versatile uses.


Osmo Magnetic Ball-Joint Adapter Mount

Compatibility: Osmo Action 4, Osmo Action 3

Combines the 3M adhesive base with a ball-joint design, allowing you to install the camera anywhere. The lens orientation can be adjusted flexibly, the angles are fresh and diverse, and more accessories can be connected via the 1/4" threaded hole on the bottom.

Osmo Action Multifunctional Battery Case

Compatibility: Osmo Action 4, Osmo Action 3

Stores three batteries and two microSD cards. Intelligently fast charges three batteries, and can be used together with those batteries as a power bank to charge other devices like a smartphone.

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