5 Ways the Zenmuse XT Will Transform Industry


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Picture the scenario; you have an entire section of 30m tall transmission towers that all need rapid and effective inspection, or you have a culturally important building to survey but neither the time nor budget to ensure a thorough and efficient job. These situations and myriad numbers of others are faced day-after-day by industry experts like agriculturalists, surveyors and emergency service personnel, among others.

The solution to these industry issues is as simple as it is advanced, DJI’s Zenmuse XT. Combining FLIR’s long years of trusted experience in the thermal imaging field with DJI’s industry-leading drone technology, the Zenmuse XT is an industry one-stop-shop for any situation where having an aerial platform and thermal imaging camera are vital to providing a clear resolution to any major industrial or emergency situation.

But what exactly does a thermal imaging solution bring to the table? FLIR explains: “Infrared cameras show you thermal problems, quantify them with precise non-contact temperature measurement, and document them automatically in seconds with professional easy-to-create IR reports

Let’s take a look at the 5 areas in which the Zenmuse XT can really open up solutions to:


Managing anything that consumes electricity demands both a cost effective maintenance structure, knowledge of procedures in case of emergent issues and trusted and secure inspection equipment. Within the inspection and maintenance field, it would be difficult to argue against infrared thermography as being one of the most effective proven predictive maintenance (PM) technologies available to quickly, accurately and safely locate problems before issues arise. Discovering and repairing a faulty electrical connection or damaged pylon before they fail can save your team the hassle of the enormous costs usually associated with production downtime, efficiency losses, power failures and other potentially catastrophic concerns. With little need to invest in helicopters, and all the associated costs that come with such an investment, teams equipped with a Zenmuse XT can quickly and efficiently act and react on any potential hazards that may occur within the field of inspection.


In the vitally important world of Agriculture, having the ability to respond to any crop threats, livestock concerns or subtle temperature fluctuations can mean the difference between having a successful crop strategy and having to deal with the uphill battles that being underprepared and under-equipped can cause. The Zenmuse XT’s positive applications in the field of crop management are manifold, including but not limited to: aerial-based nursery and greenhouse monitoring, irrigation scheduling, plant disease detection, yield estimation, temperature monitoring, pesticide management, discovering fencing issues or even detecting wandering animals.


Within the construction industry, there are many issues to consider when conducting building repairs or facing structural concerns that require urgent attention. With the Zenmuse XT attached to a DJI aerial platform such as the Inspire 1 or Matrice, a quick and efficient scan of the building can be performed, allowing structural engineers to rapidly discover and resolve any issues regarding maintenance or integrity. This is also of importance to those tasked with reserving and protecting the cultural heritage of important buildings, which has become a significant part of present and future urban planning initiatives, a mission which the Zenmuse XT makes much easier. A simple aerial inspection using the thermal imaging capabilities of the Zenmuse XT can now reveal structural faults or areas in need of repair in a matter of minutes.


The Energy sector is another area where we can expect to see lots of growth in the demand for quick and efficient flight platforms with thermal imaging capabilities. One interesting example coming from the Energy field that shows promise is the field of solar panel management and pipeline inspection. Solar panels and oil/gas pipelines are delicate instruments, and therefore often require constant supervision and maintenance. With the Zenmuse XT, in-depth, aerial monitoring vastly reduces the time, effort and manpower required to conduct the necessary, in-depth analysis required of these complex materials. The usual costs of inspecting, maintaining and repairing these elements often runs into huge figures annually.

Emergency services

Having a visible UAV presence in the skies during emergency service operations is increasingly being seen as an indispensable part of any modern emergency service provider or first responder unit’s equipment, as showcased in last week’s piece “Aerial Saviors and Eyes in the Skies”. When the Zenmuse XT is used in search and rescue capacities, a clearly-visible, glowing heat signature amidst a mass of snow or water can make a life-saving difference.  Through a combination of aerial platforms and the use of the Zenmuse XT, saving lives becomes less of a strain on emergency services, for example, by revealing hikers trapped in wilderness easier, or quickly discovering the location of a vehicular accident. These swift improvements in reaction time and efficiency do an incredible amount towards alleviating the often severe manpower problems that these brave services can face.