A New Firmware Update Is Now Available For DJI Focus


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A new firmware update is now available for DJI Focus. Please visit https://www.dji.com/product/focus/info#downloads to download the latest Assistant Software and update your DJI Focus.

Major Updates:

  • Added aperture control for the Zenmuse X5 series gimbal and camera. Ensure you have the latest versions of the DJI GO app (iOS v2.4.2 or Android v2.4.2) and Inspire 1 Pro remote controller firmware (v1.5.70) installed.
  • Added a shortcut for auto calibration.
  • Added a function to record motor calibration so that the motor can use the previous settings prior to powering off.
  • Fixed the quick focus so that it responds precisely after you change the motor’s direction.
  • Optimized the remote controller’s UI. After powering on, the remote controller displays information from the last device connected to it.
  • The previous quick focus settings will be cleared when the DJI Focus is used to control other devices.
  • Improved communication stability between the remote controller and motor.
  • Added a reminder for manual-remote calibration so that the motor doesn’t stall when it reaches the mechanical limit.
  • Fixed issues related to manual calibration so that you can redo manual calibration after you suspend it.