DJI Releases New Firmware V2.7 for A2


The latest A2 firmware has been released. Download the A2 Assistant Software v1.9 from the product page on the official DJI website to update your firmware.



Improved compatibility with the DJI GO app (Lightbridge 2 required):

(1) OSD flight data in the Camera View including control mode, battery voltage and battery warnings.

(2) Dynamic Home Point feature.

(3) In-app enabling of the Home Lock and Course Lock features.

Added PMU connection status detection:

(1) If detected before takeoff, motors will not start and takeoff is prevented. The LED module will flash red four times and repeat. To resume normal flight, ensure that the PMU is connected correctly.

(2) If detected during flight, the LED module will flash red four times and repeat. Land the aircraft and re-connect the PMU to resume battery voltage readings and low voltage protection.

After the home point has been successfully recorded, the LED module will flash purple five times and repeat when flying near the home point (less than 8 meters from the home point, with more than 6 satellites.


Fixed issue of abnormal display on the remote controller channel mapping page.


Upgrade the Lightbridge 2 firmware to the latest version.