DJI Announces Intelligent Flight Modes at IFA Berlin


When DJI launched the Phantom 3 Standard, we announced that it would be compatible with a series of Intelligent Flight Modes that make capturing amazing images from the sky even easier.

We’re excited to lock in the final details of the smart flight features and the release date of this new firmware.

The following five intelligent flight modes will be available for the Phantom 3 series and Inspire 1, unless noted otherwise, via a firmware upgrade available on 7 September.

Waypoints - Capturing the perfect aerial maneuver just got a lot easier. Record a complex flight path and watch your aerial camera fly to the same locations automatically at a customizable speed. Users can adjust the angle of the camera while it’s on its autonomous flight to capture the perfect shot. Specific flight paths can be saved for repeat missions to capture the same angle across times of day or across multiple times per year.

Point of Interest - Get sweeping aerial shots like never before. Set a point, altitude, distance and speed and your aerial camera will automatically fly around an object, person or place with the lens perfectly angled to keep the point in the center of the frame. This makes it simple to get cinematic aerial shots that were previously difficult to capture.

Follow Me - Using the transmitter and phone as a beacon, Follow Me allows the Phantom 3 to follow the beacon at a fixed altitude and distance. Follow me is the perfect tool for pilots to get footage of themselves mountain biking, driving or jogging in wide open areas. Available only for the Phantom 3 Professional, Advanced and Standard

Course Lock - One of the biggest challenges for first time pilots is figuring out flight orientation when their aerial camera is turned around. Setting course lock makes all flight control relative to the platform’s current heading, so left is always left even if the camera is pointing another direction.

Home Lock - Keeping orientation at a great distance is a challenge. By switching into home lock, pilots can ensure that orientation is always relative to themselves as a home point, making it easy to figure out how to fly back home.

These flight features will only be available in areas with strong GPS connection. DJI recommends that users always fly safely and stay in control of their aerial camera at all times.

We are also very pleased to announce that the firmware upgrade for the Phantom 3 Advanced will also add 2.7k recording 2704x1520p30 allowing users to get higher resolution videos in the air.