DJI Events 2016 Launch


In 2015, DJI successfully hosted various events in hundreds of cities, bringing camera stabilization and drone experiences to excited people across the globe..

Building on this success, DJI has launched a brand new event platform – DJI Events™. DJI Events aims to provide opportunities for amateurs and professionals alike to learn more about DJI products and improve their photography and film-making technique. There are two main components of the new DJI Events platform: the DJI New Pilot Experience™ (NPE) and DJI Workshop: Moving with Cameras™ (MC). NPE focuses on basic drone-flying instruction and hands-on experience with professional pilots, while MC shifts the focus from drones to handheld gimbals, such as the Ronin and the Osmo. In addition to these two main events, DJI Events for Partners creates customized sessions in collaboration with interested partners, such as corporations, NGOs, schools and more.

DJI New Pilot Experience

This is a safe flying experience designed for our new users. Not only do we provide basic knowledge and skills for safe flying, users can also fly for themselves. In 2015, we hosted – nearly 500 NPE's globally, covering over 60 countries and regions. 

2015 DJI New Pilot Experience Showcase 

In 2016, we are coming to more cities to bring the excitement of flying to even more people. This outdoor experience is now enhanced with a number of new activities, making the whole event more exciting and interactive.

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DJI Workshop: Moving with Cameras

In the past year, filmmakers and film enthusiasts from all over the world have come in been inspired by the creative opportunities created by the Ronin and Ronin-M through over 150 DJI Ronin Workshops hosted in over 80 cities. 

2015 DJI Ronin Workshop Showcase 

In 2016, we are going to continue this film fever and as a part of that we have officially changed the event name of the event to DJI Workshop: Moving with Cameras™.

Now designed for filmmakers of all levels, from high-end Ronin shooters to indie Osmo shooters, this new workshop will give participants a taste of both sides of DJI’s handheld camera stabilization spectrum. As before, these events will let film makers go hands on with the equipment so they can learn directly and visualize how they would use them on their next shoot.

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