DJI has released the latest firmware v3.06 for Phantom 2 series drones


A new firmware v3.06 has been released for Phantom 2 series of drones. Here are the main updates:


  1. Main controller firmware updated to v3.06.
  2. Central board firmware updated to v1.0.1.32.
  3. DJI Vision App updated to iOS v1.0.42 and Android v1.0.52.
  4. Phantom 2 PC Assistant updated to v3.2.

Main controller Major New Features: 

  1. Added two levels of battery warnings: Low Battery Level Warning and Critical Battery Level Warning. When enabled, Auto Go-home will be activated if the battery level reaches a Low Battery Level Warning. Setup these warnings using either the DJI Phantom Assistant or DJI Vision App.
  2. When the battery level reaches a Critical Battery Level Warning, the aircraft will automatically land. The motors will power off after landing.
  3. Descending speed will be automatically adjusted based on current altitude when the battery level reaches a Critical Battery Level Warning. 
  4. Minimum adjustable height limit set to 20m.
  5. Magnetic declination value stored to improve flight course accuracy.
  6. New fix of video signal problem that affect some Phantom 2 Vision users.
  7. Various bug fixes. 

DJI Vision App Major New Features: 

  1. The current battery level can now be viewed real-time through the DJI Vision App, via a battery level indicator bar near the top of the screen.
  2. “Hotline” feature for easy access to post-sales supports.
  3. “Compass Calibration” feature added. 
  4. “Low Battery Auto Go Home” feature added.

Phantom 2 PC Assistant Major New Features:

  1. Added Japanese as a supported language.


  1. To upgrade main controller firmware to v3.06 or above is required.
  2. For Phantom 2 users, be aware that aircraft will now automatically return to the Home point on Low Battery Level Warning. If you wish to disable the auto go-home feature, launch DJI Phantom Assistant, enter “Battery Settings” section and de-select the “Go-Home” option.