DJI has released the Phantom upgrade kit





PHANTOM upgrade kit provides a convenient solution for using Zenmuse H3-2D with PHANTOM.

P330CB-H3-2D Instructions:

  • P330CB-H3-2D is an upgrade accessory for the PHANTOM; it’s designed to replace the center board inside the PHANTOM. P330CB-H3-2D retains the functions of the original center board but also has the following added functionality:
  • Integrated Power Management Unit
  • Integrated Gimbal Control Unit for H3-2D, a 6-pin port is used to connect to a wireless video transmission module and 8-pin port is used to connect to Zenmuse H3-2D.


PHANTOM Slide Lever Instructions:

  • PHANTOM slide lever is an upgrade accessory for the PHANTOM transmitter; the slide lever can be used for gimbal tilt control.



  • After this update, make sure to reconfigure parameters and do X1 calibration in the assistant software, compass calibration is also required.