DJI has released A2, the new high-end multi-rotor flight controller


DJI A2 multi-rotor stabilization controller is a complete flight control system for various multi-rotor platforms for commercial and industrial AP applications. It opens an unprecedented era of precise positioning and perfect flight control in harsh environments for flight control systems.

Its high performance antenna, low noise anti-interference front-end RF design, accurate position and speed calculating comprehensive technological breakthroughs, all these make the positioning performance of the GPS Pro near perfection; With higher accuracy performance, larger measuring range, and a unique damping design and calibration algorithm, the IMU is able to provide stable output even in high vibration and large movement environments. The built-in receiver system directly supports the popular transmitters, and it also supports a variety of external receivers. Combined with abundant output interfaces, flexible configuration, it makes the flight controller competent for complex control and airborne equipment operation; the new dual CAN-Bus design greatly improves the data throughput and stability of the system.

Based on the technology and design philosophy of DJI’s Ace series of high-performance controllers, the A2 offers you a brand new flight experience. The A2 adopts a full metal case design and utilizes high quality components precisely calibrated with temperature compensation in all gyros and sensors, industry renowned flight algorithm in flight control and UAV field.

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A2 flight controller


  • A2 Flight Control System is designed with metallic appearance and high-performance GPS-COMPASS PRO;
  • Multi-control modes, including GPS mode, Manual mode and two kinds of ATTI. Modes;
  • Support various multi-rotors, including Quad-rotor(I4,X4),Hexa-rotor(I6,V6,Y6,IY6),Octo-rotor(X8,I8,V8)and customized type;
  • It is built-in Receiver DR16 with 16 channels, can support the external receiver, e.g. S-Bus,DSM2 and PPM;
  • Advanced FailSafe function, the aircraft can hover or Go home and Landing automatically;
  • Attitude is controllable when one motor output of the Hexa-rotor is failed;
  • IOC(Intelligent Orientation Control),including Course lock, Home point lock and Point of interest flying;
  • 2-axis gimbal supported;
  • Two level low-voltage protection;
  • LED-BT-I module is integrated with LED and Bluetooth, can support the para configuration on mobile device via Bluetooth communication;
  • iPAD Ground Station functionsupported with the DJI 2.4GHz Bluetooth Data-link;
  • Sound alarm function for the flight control system;
  • Remote gain value adjustmentsupported by setting a knobon the Transmitter;
  • Support DJI series products, including Z15 gimbal, iOSD Mark II, 2.4G DATA LINK and iPAD Ground Station;


Notices: Power supply from the USB cable connected to the PC is available, when connect the A2 Flight Control System to the PC to configure parameters, no extra power supply is required.

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