DJI released a new firmware v1.08 for Phantom 2


DJI released a new firmware v1.08 and user manual v1.02 for Phantom 2!

What’s new?


  • In Phantom 2 mode, users can set a new home point manually when the aircraft is in “Ready to fly” status as long as a home point has been recorded automatically.
  • In a Failsafe situation, if less than 6 GPS satellites are found for more than 20 seconds, the aircraft will descend automatically.
  • Fixed a glitch that prevented descent after the 2nd level low battery capacity warning occurs when in Naza-M mode.


Assistant Software

  • Phantom 2 and Phantom 2 Vision will share the Phantom 2 Assistant Software.


User Manual

  • Added the 8-Pin port sequence on AVL58 connection diagrams.
  • Added an important note: Keep the wireless video transmission module and other communicating devices away from the compass during installation and connection to avoid interference.
  • Added a note about automatic descent when GPS satellites are found less than 6 for more than 20 seconds while in Failsafe.


Upgrade Notes

  • Upgrade the main controller and central board firmware to the latest version using Assistant Software V1.08. Be sure the central board firmware is V1.0.1.19 or above, otherwise there will be malfunction caused by version mismatch.
  • Upgrade iOSD mini, iOSD Mark II and H3-2D firmware to the latest version before using them with Phantom 2.
  • If you have any problems during upgrade, please contact your dealer or DJI Customer Service.


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