DJI Released Ground Station Software 4.0.8


What’s New?

Add Flight Restriction in Specified Area.
Ground Station Waypoint Functions are restricted within the radius of 15Km from Tiananmen square in Beijing, China.


  • 3D geographic information: Display the aircraft position in 3D map.
  • Flight monitoring: Real-time monitoring of aircraft’s position, attitude, throttle, pitch and relevant information.
  • Waypoints planning: Editing and storing of waypoints’ geographic information, speed, hold time, turning mode and nose.
  • 5 control modes switching: Manual mode; Attitude mode; Waypoint mode; Stick Mode; Keyboard mode.
  • Customized functions: Aerial photography; Air Drop; Surveillance; Monitoring.
  • Full Auto Takeoff & Landing using keyboard.
  • Click Go Mode.
  • One Key Go Home.
  • Ace One support
  • Support WKM View Option, Joystick & Keyboard Control and Click Go Functions.
  • Support WKM multi waypoints.
  • Support GS software data record.
  • Support Windows 64 bit Operating system.