DJI released its new quadcopter Phantom 2


The Phantom 2 is an evolution of the Phantom. It features the same compact and highly integrated design, but comes with FPV flying and Aerial Photography support right out of the box. Hardware mountings and software tuning are all done before delivery, meaning with rotors attached, a charged battery and transmitter batteries it’s good to fly. Additional features include a higher payload, a built-in intelligent battery, H3-2D gimbal support and other functions.



  • 1. Phantom 2 is an all in one aircraft, ready to fly without requiring configuration.
  • 2. Built-in NAZA-M V2 flight control system with enhanced flight reliability, hover stability and easy operation.
  • 3. Built-in DJI intelligent battery with up to 25 minutes of flight time.
  • 4. 9 inch self-tightening propeller allow up to 1.3kg lift off weight.
  • 5. 2.4GHz remote control system with a separate gimbal control channel.
  • 6. Reserved gimbal port for the Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal, allows plug and play installation.
  • 7. Pitch movement of the Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal is controllable.
  • 8. Pre-installed powered video output cables for wireless video transmitter devices.
  • 9. Reserved CAN-Bus extendable device connections, such as DJI iOSD mini, iOSD mark II, 2.4G Bluetooth Datalink etc.


New Product Features:

Easily adjustable, ready-to fly quad-rotor

  • Functions:
    • 1) Multiple control modes: GPS flight mode and ATTI. flight mode
    • 2) Selectable manual flight mode and Failsafe activation
    • 3) Intelligent orientation control (IOC), can be enabled via the PHANTOM 2 Assistant software.
    • 4) Enhanced Failsafe mode
    • 5) Intelligent battery protection system.
    • 6) PC ground station and iPAD ground station compatible (coming in January 2014).
  • Built-in:
    • 1) NAZA-M V2 flight control system (GPS, compass, 2.4GHz receiver).
    • 2) Flight propulsion system
    • 3) Gimbal’s GCU module.
    • 4) Micro-USB port for PHANTOM 2 assistant software configuration and online upgrade.


2.4GHz Transmitter

  • Working in the 2.4GHz frequency bandwidth with a maximum communication distance of 1000m.
  • 5 proportional channels with a total of 7 channels.
  • Quick controller mode switching via PHANTOM RC Assistant Software: Mode1, Mode2.
  • Automatic return centering of both control sticks.
  • Slide lever for gimbal pitch control.


Intelligent Battery

  • 5200mAh, ultra-large capacity for up to 25 minutes of flight time.
  • Intelligent charge and discharge protection for battery safety.
  • Battery level indicator.
  • Protective shell for battery safety.


Extended Functions

  • Built in port for Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal allows easy plug and play functionality.
  • Pre-installed powered video output port for wireless video transmitter devices.
  • Built in extension port for iOSD mini allows easy expansion for a better flight experience.
  • Built in extension port for iOSD mark II allows a better flight experience and additional flight data recording.
  • Built in extension port for 2.4G Bluetooth Datalink for ground station capability.



Before using Phantom 2 with other DJI products, users should connect the products correctly and upgrade the firmware as requirements below .

Items to be upgraded Firmware versions required Assistant Software for upgrading Assistant Software version
P330CB (built-in central board) V1.0.1.19 or above Phantom 2 V1.08
Zenmuse H3-2D CMU V1.0, IMU V1.6 or above Phantom 2 V1.08
iOSD Mark II V2.04 or above iOSD V3.02
iOSD mini V1.04 or above iOSD V3.02

*The iOSD Assistant Software is applied to both iOSD Mark II and iOSD mini.


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