DJI Released Zenmuse H3-2D Firmware 1.6


DJI Released Zenmuse H3-2D Firmware 1.6!

What’s new?


  • Support of the A2 Flight Control System. Please connect the H3-2D’s GCU module either directly to the port labeled CAN2, located on the A2 Controller unit or the CAN port, located on any modules which are already connected to the CAN2 port using a CAN-Bus cable. The firmware of the A2 Flight Control System should be upgraded to V2.0 or above.
  • Optimized the output protection of the motors, so the gimbal will not enter the protection mode during maneuvering flight and the motors still are safe from over burning.



  • Phantom users with the P330CB-H3-2D central board should upgrade their firmware using the latest NAZA-M assistant software. The “V1.4 Gimbal IMU” upgrade can be found on the “Upgrade” page.
  • Other users should upgrade the “main controller” to V1.6 and the “IMU” to V1.4 using the latest Zenmuse H3-2D assistant software. Both upgrades can be found on the “Upgrade” page.


Please upgrade the Autopilot system to the latest Firmware.





Assistant Software

V1.1(or above)

V2.00(or above)

V2.20(or above)

V2.20(or above)


V2.0(or above)

V5.22(or above)

V4.02(or above)

V4.02(or above)


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