DJI Releases Matrice 100 New Firmware


New firmwares are available for Matrice 100, please go to to download DJI Assistant and update your firmware.

DJI Assistant is updated to v1.0.3, Firmware Update Package (Zenmuse X3) is updated to v1.2.0.90
Firmware Update Package (Zenmuse X5) is updated to v1.2.0.90, and DJI GO app Android version is upgraded to v2.7.2.

What’s New

Assistant Software: Revised upgrade methodology for DJI Assistant 2.

Firmware: Improved encryption to enhance transmission security.


1. The latest version of DJI Assistant 2 must be used to upgrade the firmware to v1.2.0.90.
2. Both the aircraft and the remote controller must be upgraded or else they will not link.
3. This firmware update package does not cover Intelligent Flight Batteries.
4. This firmware can be downgraded to v1.2.0.80 only.