DJI to Demonstrate Its Naza-H Beta at 2012 IRCHA Jamboree



During the five day event, the IRCHA Jamboree at Muncie, Indiana, the U.S. featured many exciting demonstrations including the new DJI Naza-H beta, whose brilliant 3D flight performance is much admired within the industry.


At the climax of the demonstration, the DJI professional pilot let go of the radio control transmitter to take a bow, while the helicopter hovered on the spot. This demonstrated the accuracy of the GPS position and altitude hovering functionality, which greatly impressed the onlookers.

The most eye-catching event of the Jamboree was The One grand prix that took place on Saturday, 18 August 2012, organized by Empire Hobby, Hong Kong Scorpion and GAUI (Taiwan). Only seven top pilots qualified to fight for the championship. By virtue of its professional aerial photography total solution, the DJI’s “Spreading Wings S800+Zenmuse Z15+WooKong-M+Ruling” was used as the on-site events broadcasting device.



After the competition, DJI communicated with pilots from all over the world and learnt that many of them were currently using or had used DJI multi-rotor autopilot systems, demonstrating the company’s global reach. The hobby product line including the “Flame Wheel” ARF kit was also favored by aeromodelling enthusiasts and business companies that showed cooperation and purchasing intent.

At this event, DJI not only received recognition from customers, but also demonstrated that it is the best autopilot system provider in the world.