Grand Reward & Sponsor For Worldwide Landscape Aerial Video Collection


DJI is looking for amazing aerial footage of the most iconic landscapes on the planet to be a part of our World Wide Landscape Aerial Video Collection! While we aim to demonstrate the power of our technology on a truly epic scale, our ultimate goal is to build a lasting relationship with the most creative and professional aerial cinematographers in the world. We hope for this experience to become the foundation of a creative partnership program we intend to launch in the coming months.

Aerial Video Collection



Please see the Ideal Location List . If you shoot a location from the “Appendix I” list and DJI is impressed by your work, DJI may provide you with 2 Total Solution sets to continue your phenomenal filmmaking. If you shoot footage of a location listed in “Appendix II,” DJI may provide you with 1 Total Solution set.





If you have other ideas for iconic and unique shooting locations, you are welcome to contact DJI and present your idea. Please email any suggestions to We ask videos be shot of the locations listed above unless specifically approved.



Please reach DJI website or emai to for more information about the activity.

Notice: Please do get the permittion firstly for some locations above if they are not public for Aerail Filming.

Total Solution Package includes DJI S800 + Zenmuse + Wookong-M + IOSD Mark II + 5.8 G Data Link.

DJI-S800 DJI-Zenmuse DJI-WooKong-M 5.8G Receiver-BC.AL.B00006 (5) DJI-IOSD MARK II