RoboMaster 2020, The Sixth Annual Competition Opens For Registration


RoboMaster 2020, The Sixth Annual Competition Opens For Registration

DJI Invites University Students To Sign Up For One Of The World’s Largest Robotics Competitions


RoboMaster, the annual robotics competition created by DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and creative imaging technology, is now open for registration.

RoboMaster is open to universities and college students from around the globe who are passionate about engineering and robotics. Interested teams can learn more about RoboMaster 2020 and sign up here:

The RoboMaster competition consists of several categories including a robotics competition, technical challenge and AI challenge. All of them can now be entered until 15 November.

Now in its sixth year, RoboMaster has attracted nearly 30,000 young engineers from more than 400 universities from all over the world.

After taking part in regional competitions and a wild card competition, 32 elite teams will compete for the annual championship during the finals in Shenzhen in early August 2020. The international regional competition will be held in Shenzhen right before the final tournament.

The RoboMaster organizational committee will provide technical and material (motor, chip etc.) support for teams registering for their first time. Meanwhile, all teams qualifying for the international competition or the final tournament will receive a stipend for travel.

New changes in RoboMaster 2020 robotics competition

The RoboMaster robotics competition focuses on the ability of students to understand and apply engineering, science and robotics. Participants must demonstrate knowledge of machine vision, embedded system design, mechanical control, inertial navigation, human-computer interaction and more in order to win. As teams compete in the finals, competition attendees and the world can watch the high-pace, exciting action online, similar to e-sports.

Teams work together to build specific robots that are designated with unique tasks including the Hero robot, Standard robot, Engineer robot, and Sentry robot. The 2020 RoboMaster competition includes two new robots, the Dart robot and Radar robot.

The Dart robot is undoubtedly the most exciting new addition, with potential to shape the competition this year. The Dart robot uses inertial flight, recognizing targets from the air in order to hit competing robots. This new robot will put forward a new challenge for the team's flight control technology and automatic navigation technology.

The Radar robot was designed to have the advantage of a high angle view and relies on advanced calculations to provide information to the team on competing robots movements and actions. These new additions bring an exciting new change to the competition as well as new learning experiences for participants.

Technical challenge and AI challenge

The RoboMaster technical challenge focuses on academic research in a specific field of robotics. It aims to encourage a deep understanding of the technology. RoboMaster 2020 will include the classic technical challenges for Standard and Engineer robots, as well as new technical challenges for the Sentry and Dart system. In the technical challenge, participants only need one or two robots to complete a challenge, meaning teams can greatly reduce the cost of research and development, and concentrate manpower on the specific task.

Since 2016, the RoboMaster organizational committee has worked with the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation to define challenging new tasks for the AI Challenge.

The 2020 AI Challenge will now include a new “automatic robot launching confrontation” task. The participating teams need to apply advanced motion planning and automatic robotics control using sensing capabilities. The robots need to register the environment around it and respond automatically to it which can include obstacles or other robots. The fully automatic robots launch projectiles against the enemy robots and at the end of the game, the team with the highest points wins.

Detailed information on rules can be found here:

In the RoboMaster 2019 season, over 200 teams from around the world and nearly 10,000 students participated. Overseas teams included students from the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau. Some of the participating teams came from colleges including Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of Washington, Virginia Polytechnic University and more. The "T-DT" team of China’s Northeastern University used the full advantage of aerial robotics to win the championship demonstrating excellent technical ability and tactical strategy.

For the past five years, RoboMaster has been dedicated to inspiring young people interested in robotics, engineering and technology to get more involved. The RoboMaster competition was created to inspire these students to not only learn about these fields, but apply them to real life.