Statement on Media Reports of IED Incident in Iraq


Media have reported in recent days that a drone launched by the Islamic State with an improvised explosive device attached to it claimed the lives of two Kurdish fighters and injured two French Special Forces soldiers in Iraq.

Though the make, model and provenance of the drone have not been shared by authorities, as the global market leader in consumer drones, DJI feels obliged to speak up about this situation and the use of consumer-drone technology.

First, the use of consumer-drone technology to harm anyone is deplorable. Any loss of life or injury in such a manner is tragic. Those who carry out such acts should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. When governments come to us with lawful requests, DJI is ready to provide whatever technical assistance we can to those investigating this and other attacks.

DJI makes consumer drones for creative and peaceful purposes. We’ve produced and sold consumer drones worldwide, point customers to resources that educate them on how and where to fly safely and responsibly, and the overwhelming majority of them do. In the past years, customers have used their DJI consumer drones in ways that are highly beneficial to society. You don’t have to look very far to see how consumer drones, including our top-selling Phantom, have been used ( to save lives around the world.

We are dedicated to optimizing our technology to enhance the benefits consumer drones provide to communities. And we will continue to educate our users on safe and responsible flying.