Take Absolute Control of Your Ronin with the New Thumb Controller


Image titleTo help filmmakers and creators everywhere realize their vision, DJI is now releasing the Ronin Thumb Controller. Simple to setup and use, this wireless Thumb Controller makes controlling your Ronin or Ronin-M easier and more intuitive, even with only a single operator. Capture shots that are difficult or impossible now, and start using your gimbal to its full potential.

This valuable tool brings a whole new level of freedom and flexibility to your Ronin and Ronin-M, allowing you to control the direction of your camera and access or set key settings during your shoots.

Easy and fast to setup, the Thumb Controller mounts to your Ronin or Ronin-M with no tools required. A clear OLED screen lets you access menu items and features, while a long battery life and long wireless range extends possibilities on set.

Note that the original Ronin requires an external receiver to be used with the Thumb Controller, while the Ronin-M’s built-in receiver is immediately compatible and ready to be used.

Learn more about the Thumb Controller.