Your Stories2015-08-14

Nic DuggerLive Television Production
Montgomery, Alabama

“100,000+ people march to celebrate and commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Bloody Sunday March led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. On March 7, 1965 ”

Being selected as the only live drone operator allowed to photograph this historic event from the sky was a huge honor. Standing on the same bridge where a major turn in both our social and economical landscape occured, not to mention the location where millins of lives were changed, was as powerful to me as a photographer as it was for me as a human being. The compelling images that I caught do not do justice to the immence feeling of pride I felt watching the President of our United States cross this bridge in his limo along with his motorcade. The same bridge where people were beaten within inches of their lives only 50 years earlier now stood as the centerpiece of a march to demonstrate just how far our society has come. The DJI Inspire1 did a perfect job of capturing real time 4K images of those crossing the bridge to remember these events. The thousands and thousands of people marched for price, for respect, and for recogintion, and the Inspire made shure I could tell the story. This footage was shot by only 1 operator (me) while standing on the back of a moving flatbed truck that crossed the bridge in front of the massive crowd. The original 4K clip is availible if that helps. Learn more about the history of this location here: