Your Stories2015-08-14

    Amit BatraCinematographer/Editor

    “Wings to my imagination”

    I have always dreamed since I was a young boy. In my dreams I have travelled far off places, distant lands and discovered magic beyond all imagination. And so as I grew up, holding all these beautiful dreams in my eyes, one thing that I really became passionate about was stories. I always wanted to tell my story to the world, what I felt inside and how I saw the world through my eyes. I believe that every single day that we spend living on this planet gives us an opportunity to learn and grow and accumulate experiences which we can share with each other. These experiences are unique to each of us. So when my turn came to work and make a living, I chose a creative carreer path for me and making films was the obvious choice as that way I could tell stories. I started off working all by myself with one camera and two lenses creating personal films for people. Today with the help of DJI phantom, I have literally got an out of the box vision. DJI has given wings to my imagination and enabled an independent film maker like me to make a mark without having oodles of expensive gear and technology by my side. Today, I can make a film anywhere about anything I choose. Thanks to DJI technology, I can fly and see the world from above.