Your Stories2015-08-16

    Chris DeAntonioInformation Technology

    “I am so glad I decided to bring my DJI Phantom 2 to Cabo San Lucas... ”

    During a trip with friends to Cabo San Lucas in January 2015, I decided to check my bags and bring my DJI Phantom 2 as my carry on and am so glad I did. During the trip, we decided to head out to "The Arch" and Lovers / Divorce Beach to capture some great video of the rock formations during the "golden hour". We got way more than that. During the Phantom 2 flight, we saw 5 boats racing out in the ocean to the same spot. I decided to follow with my P2. I got out there, about 1 km off shore and on the FPV monitor we suddenly see a huge humpback whale breach right out of the water! The Phantom 2 captured several magnificent whale breaches - all during the backdrop of a beautiful sunset. It was the most memorable moment of my trip to be on the beach, watching a 7" FPV monitor and capturing that surprise footage with good friends. We couldn't believe our eyes. I make sure to take my Phantom 2 on all of my trips because you never know what's out there to be captured!