Your Stories2015-08-16

    Drone ZonePatent & Trademark Attorney

    “Climbing the steeps roofs of Thai Temples is dangerous work so when some monks asked us to use our drone to help, we jumped at the chance. ”

    Thailand is famous for its temples, but few know that one of the most dangerous jobs a Buddhist monk has to do is to climb up rickety bamboo ladders to periodically inspect the steep roofs of the temples. We were on vacation in Thailand when my wife’s brother, a former monk, saw me flying my Phantom 2 Vision + over my father-in-law’s farm, and asked me if we could take some video of his former temple. We gladly jumped in the back of his pickup truck and went to the temple to meet the monks. They were very cool and enjoyed watching the drone fly. Over the course of the next couple of days we flew over all five of their temple buildings – shooting both video and stills – then downloaded onto a laptop as the monks all gathered around to discuss roof repairs. Word spread quickly from that temple and the rest of our trip there was basically driving from temple to temple and flying our drone. Best vacation I’ve ever had, and we have a waiting list for next summer's trip there.