Your Stories2015-08-16


“How we started small and grown up to be the best.”

When we have started GeoDrone, we expected to have some fun in it, to escape from the rigid rules of places where we were only a codenames. We have never expected that it will go so far, and even doing serious things will bring us so much endorphins. We started with DJI Phantom Vision+, travelling around the country, showing friends, family and other people how great is to be a pilot and what wonderful view is available at your command. However, we kept in mind, that we are engineers and we can use this technology to go much further. The next step was to choose a proper infra-red camera and a platform to carry it. After all, we knew that DJI offers top quality, so we decided to buy and customize Spreading Wings S900. That was it! Easy to carry, durable, incredibly fast and precise. We mounted infra-red and a standard cameras under S900 and started to provide thermovisual measurements. Finally, at this stage our engineering skills could combine with the pleasure and enjoyment of flying. We have clients that recommend us to another clients and our analysis are recgonized as the top quality. We are not afraid to work in harsh environment and most of our work is customizable to the needs. That was the best path we could choose and we expect to be a highway, very, very soon.