Your Stories2015-03-09

    Dr. Ian LindsayArchaeologist

    “ The quadcopter has become both an important scientific tool in our research, and a vital means for communicating with the general public about our shared archaeological heritage and the importance of studying and protecting these cultural resources. ”

    Dr. Ian Lindsay has been putting his DJI Phantom to work with Project ArAGATS, studying prehistoric societies and helping everyone understand the importance of our shared past. By flying high above ancient sites, Dr. Lindsay is able to see a quick, high quality view of an entire archaeological site. The Phantom has replaced older technologies in this field, with the GPS, first-person-view, and ease of use making it a crucial tool. But it’s not just used for research - Dr. Lindsay also uses these aerial shots to give others a real sense of his work, and hopefully attract even more people to explore our past. Learn more about his work at