Your Stories2015-08-16

Marshall HunsakerIT Security Analyst
Utah, USA

“I used the DJI Phantom Vision to inspect several radio towers in utah for ice/lightning damage, previously inspected using helicopters. ”

n Utah, UCAN (Utah Communication Agency Networks) has over one hundred radio towers across the state that must be checked for ice, lightning, wind, and other types of damage multiple times per year. When not using the Phantom, helicopters are used to check these towers for damage. Helicopters had several disadvantages including: High costs, Dangerous areas for helicopter pilots, the inability to get close enough for a clear image of dishes/cables. By using the Phantom, costs are significantly reduced, safety is increased by allowing the pilot to set up in a safe remote area, and images can be captured in HD as close as the pilots skill level permits them to. More images and videos of some of the first tests can be viewed here: