Your Stories2015-08-14

    Mold BustersHome inspections, environmental services
    Ottawa, Canada

    “Mold Busters uses DJI drones to carry out aerial roof inspection ”

    At Mold Busters, we depend on DJI drones to carry out extensive aerial roof inspections for residential and commercial property owners in Ottawa, Gatineau and Montreal. Because of DJI’s fine quality, we’re able to cover every corner of a roof and spot even the most subtle damage. Because your roof bears the brunt of harsh weather all year long, it must be inspected on a regular basis. Any damage to roofing or the chimney can result in water intrusion and subsequent problems, such as black mold growth and rotting building materials. We won’t stand for that! In our video, you’ll see what we see during an aerial roof inspection. Our DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ captures cracks in the chimney and shingles that need to be replaced. Both are problems that, if not detected, will become more costly and dangerous for homeowners. Also, we love being able to show clients exactly what we see during a roof inspection. Seeing the problem areas with their own eyes and so clearly, property owners can better understand our conclusions and recommendations. Thanks to DJI, we are fully equipped to thoroughly and safely inspect rooftops and chimneys!