Your Stories2015-08-14

New Arbor LakeReal Estate Media

“I am showcasing a major land development that has never been captured with such detail and beauty. ”

I never would have though that I, a 19 year old engineering major, would be able to get such an amazing product as a phantom. My job with the drone began months before I even had the idea to purchase such a device. I have a neighbor / boss that owns a land development out in the country. Its a massive development reaching over acres and acres of land, along with a massive lake. The property hadn't been selling much, and I decided I would be able to help. I held the mindset that online advertising was the key to success. The development had a website that hadn't been updated since 2002 and was desperately in need to be redone. I soon became the media manager for the property and began to plan out the site. I wanted to do something never done before. With over 75 lots, each around 5 acres, the amount of land is massive. Unlike current marketing with a couple ground level pictures of the general property, I went and took 4 aerial photos on each side of every lot. Zooming across acres and acres of land and water, I captured each lot in its fullest. With numerous oak trees on most of properties, a ground level picture just wouldn't fulfill the vision I had for the new website. Being able to fly above the tree lines and capture the gorgeous centerpiece lake in every lot photo was truly the only way I felt I could express the beauty of the place. In addition to the four side pictures, and 360° panorama taken from each property, just high enough to see everything, provides another unique aspect to my website I have yet to see from any other ads. With the Phantom 2 Vision +, I managed to easily capture what I believe is the next era of property advertising! My work can be seen at The power such a device provides is mind boggling. Now I have a tool that I am currently using to freelance photography large apartment complexes that can benefit greatly from such photos. I hope one day to be able to upgrade to the Inspire 1 to further my reach into this new field. Thank you DJI, without your products and technical support, I would never have been exposed to web design, photo editing, drone flying, and the many, many other areas I have delved into to ensure my photos from your product were shown the way I envisioned.