Your Stories2015-08-14

    a-g PhiladelphiaAdvertising

    “For our agency holiday card, we wanted to pay homage to smartphones, WebSockets and one of the most popular gadgets of 2014, drones ”

    We were intrigued with the possibility of using our personal devices to power a communal experience. Instead of having people look down at their smartphones, we asked them to point them skyward in a synchronized effort to wish others a happy 2015. We created a light show that used 36 phones as a canvas. Each phone represented a pixel, and it was all filmed overhead with a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. The light show didn't go exactly as planned, but that's part of experimentation. We ended up re-creating the light show in an indoor environment to prove that our idea would work. In the future, we plan on using our drone for other interesting experiments and also to capture unique, aerial footage for our clients. This footage will help us tell beautiful stories for our clients and enable their audience to see the brand from a new perspective. We are also exploring the DJI SDK in order to develop new hardware and software applications.